• Award: 2 Avios per liter of fuel

Cepsa offers you an extremely convenient way to collect Avios during your day-to-day routine because, each time you refuel at one of their Service Stations and show your Iberia Plus card, you’ll collect 2 Avios per liter of fuel.

You can also get free fuel! Link your Cepsa Porque TU Vuelves Card to your Iberia Plus card to collect Avios and to save on fuel when you show your Iberia Plus card at Cepsa service stations.

If you don’t have a Porque TU Vuelves Card, there’s no problem: you can be issued with a new one.

Link your card here.

See Avios table

How can I earn Avios?

Step 1

Show your Iberia Plus card every time you refuel at Cepsa service stations.

Step 2

The Avios will automatically be credited to your Iberia Plus account within 28 days.

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