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In these special moments, we want to make sure that from Iberia we put at your disposal all the information of interest with which we can give the best service to your clients and guarantee full satisfaction.

This page will show you all the information related to the latest hygiene measures that we have taken before COVID -19, news on the destinations to which Iberia flies again, together with the dates and our travel policy so that you can fly from one flexible way with the best confidence.

Country regulations

To plan your journey as smoothly as possible, be sure to check in advance the restrictions and requirements currently in place in different countries.

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At Iberia, we are implementing special health and safety measures so our customers can fly with peace of mind. We are also making our fares more flexible in case any change is needed. Here you can find our latest Flex and Book with Confidence policies for your leisure, corporate, Tour Op, and Group clients.


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  • You will have our trade website available to make your processes with Iberia easier. You will be able to access our latest info about flexibility measures.. 

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