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September 02 2022Back

Iberia demonstrates its commitment to innovation with the "Travel Advisor" project

The aim is offer the best possible service to customers

In the wake of the challenging situation created by Covid-19, Iberia launched an ambitious project called "Post Covid-19 AI Travel Advisor: Autonomous Digital Experience" to transform the experience for travellers by offering them the best possible service.

Carried out between September 2020 and December 2021, the project sought to completely transform interactions with customers and involved the development of an intelligent virtual assistant that uses digital channels as the primary point of contact.

Complemented by a range of channels and services, the AI tool can deliver assistance in a very high percentage of scenarios and meet customers' needs in the different stages of their journey, from offering real-time information to handling general queries about routine transactions such as booking and check-in. In other words, customers now have a real travel advisor on hand to answer key questions in a timely and proper manner.

With a budget of 936,919.00 euros, "Travel Advisor" was developed in Madrid with funding from two sources: the CDTI (Spain's centre for industrial technological development) under the auspices of the IDI-20210145 R&D programme, and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). A way to make Europe.