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Iberia Airport Service 2019
February 10 2020Back

New handling record for Iberia Airport Services

In 2019 it handled more than 100 million passengers

Iberia Airport Services is celebrating! In 2019 it handled over 100 million passengers, a new record for Spain's leading handling provider with operations at 29 national airports.

The company services more than 170 airlines and in 2019 it handled more than 360,000 planes, setting a new record of more than 100 million passengers, nearly 5 per cent more than in 2018.

Go Up! - Iberia's ambitious airport business project

This far-reaching project includes more than 130 initiatives that aim to increase the digitalisation of the company's processes, develop the business in line with customers' preferences, boost major hubs like Madrid and Barcelona, and implement a new corporate culture to increase commitment and the sense of belonging among the workforce.

Another aim of the Go Up! project is to make Iberia's airport business more sustainable. Consequently, 80 per cent of the ground equipment has been upgraded and 40 per cent of the models that offer an electric option now are electric. This has led to a significant reduction in emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels. This year Iberia Airport Services will take another step forward in this direction by introducing self-driving vehicles.

Besides, as part of the Go Up! project many processes have been digitalised by developing apps like Kepler to manage ramp tasks and Push to Talk to facilitate access to real-time information for agents and make operations more agile, which is having a positive impact on punctuality.