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Iberia Airport Service 2019
February 06 2023Back

Iberia Airport Services Expected to Serve More than 88 Million Passengers in 2022

In addition, the airports division handled more than 300,000 aircraft and nearly 52 million baggage items.

Iberia Airport Services, Iberia's handling division, which serves more than 150 airlines at 29 Spanish airports, served 88.4 million customers in 2022. This figure is 88.8% higher than that recorded in 2021, and only 12.7% lower than pre-pandemic figures from 2019, which shows the accelerated recovery of the sector.

In addition, it served 316,421 aircraft and handled 52 million baggage.

Iberia Airport Services also performs handling for cargo operators; in 2022 it handled more than 362,847 tonnes of freight, 7.% more than in 2021.