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September 12 2023Back

Iberia and Iberia Express, the Most Punctual Airlines in Europe in July

Both airlines are also in the Top 10 of the most punctual airlines in the world in their category.

Iberia and Iberia Express were at the head of European punctuality rankings in July. Specifically, Iberia was the most punctual airline in Europe, while Iberia Express was the most punctual low-cost airline in the region, according to data from the global consulting firm, specialised in aviation analysis, Cirium -formerly FlightStats.

Nearly 81% of the flights operated by Iberia, out of a total of more than 15,000, arrived at their destination on time. In addition, the Spanish airline is the only one in the ranking with a punctuality rate of over 80%, which reflects the operational difficulties to which the region's air sector is exposed. The airline is also positioned in the global ranking as the seventh most punctual in the world.

For its part, Iberia Express, which operated close to 4,000 flights, recorded an average punctuality rate of 87%, which places it as the most punctual low-cost airline in Europe and the third in the world.

This recognition from the consulting firm Cirium is even more relevant if one takes into account when it was obtained, in the middle of the peak July season and in a summer in which the European aviation sector is facing operational difficulties as a result of the various strikes affecting airlines in the sector and the operational challenges faced by some airports in the region.

A Commitment to Quality and Customer Service, the Key for Both Airlines

This recognition shows the commitment of both airlines to quality and customer service. All Iberia and Iberia Express employees work together to ensure that the flights leave on time and work daily to minimise any unforeseen events.

This new recognition is added to the excellent records of last year, when Iberia and Iberia Express were named the most punctual airlines in Europe in their categories.