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Museo del Prado
March 13 2019Back

Masterpieces of the Prado Museum

Iberia promotes art through #TalentOnBoard and collaboration with the Prado Museum.

On 5 March we expanded our fleet to include a new A350 aircraft named after the Prado Museum to commemorate its 200th anniversary and world-class status as an institution that promotes art.

Since that same day, users of our Velázquez VIP lounge have been able to enjoy a digital version of some of the most iconic works that hang in the museum. Two apps called Second Canvas installed on the tablets in the lounge enable users to find out interesting facts and novel details about the great masterpieces on display.

And starting this month users who are airborne can also enjoy quality content about the museum, updated every month, by accessing the in-flight entertainment system. To date, the system includes 15 videos about five works by Hieronymus Bosch, three by Velázquez and seven by Goya.

This new feature forms part of our #TalentOnBoard platform which promotes talent by flying it to every corner of the globe.