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July 21 2023Back

"National Transplant Organisation", the New Airbus A350 That Iberia Adds to Its Fleet

It is the airline’s 18th aircraft of this model and the fifth plane that it receives this year

Iberia just added a new aircraft to its fleet, a new generation A350, a model that incorporates improvements that increase operational efficiency and customer comfort.

With its arrival, Iberia now has 18 units of the A350-900 in its fleet, five of which are new generation (A350 Next).

This aircraft, equipped with the latest technology and designed to fly with maximum efficiency, is built with the most sustainable materials on the market, which also made it possible to reduce its weight by one tonne.


Furthermore, with this aircraft model, Iberia elevates the travel experience of its passengers with a wider cabin, which provides greater comfort and improved features in all its classes, Economy, Premium Economy and Business.

Among the most outstanding innovations, this aircraft boasts more comfortable cabins, with increased privacy and spaciousness and new lighting environments. In addition, it offers state-of-the-art in-flight connectivity and entertainment so that customers enjoy the flight experience to the fullest.

These aircraft are also the quietest on the market and are between 30 and 35% more efficient in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, thanks to the state-of-the-art materials with which they are built and the advanced design of their Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines.

A Solidarity Plane

All Iberia planes, in addition to bearing their registration, are given names that are meaningful to the airline: people and organisations linked to aviation, such as Patrulla Águila and María Pepa Colomer; cities in Latin America, such as Buenos Aires and Ciudad de Quito, personalities directly related to Iberia, such as Pau Gasol -the airline’s cultural change ambassador- and Teresa Helbig -the designer of its uniforms-, among others.

This aircraft, registration EC-OAY, bears the name of the National Transplant Organisation on its fuselage, in homage to an institution with which Iberia has worked for 10 years, facilitating the transfer of organs for transplantation. During these years, the Iberia Group has transported 843 organs on its planes with the aim of reaching their destination as soon as possible and saving lives.

A320neo Royal Aero Club de España

This week a new A320neo also arrived in Iberia, with registration EC-NZQ and named "Real Aero Club de España", alluding to this centenary institution that brings together 35 flying clubs from all over the country with the aim of disseminating the world of aviation, defending the maintenance of aeronautical facilities and promoting all activities related to aviation.

All the airline's planes of this model have received names related to aviation, such as “Patrulla Águila”, “Getafe, Cradle of the Plane”, “Amelia Earhart” and “María Pepa Colomer”.

In addition, this aircraft is the first to come from the Airbus factory in Toulouse using 5% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a further step towards the decarbonisation of air transport.

The A320neo is the most technologically advanced and efficient aircraft in Iberia's short- and medium-haul fleet. Equipped with Leap-1A type CFM engines, it is 50% quieter and between 15 and 20% more environmentally friendly, emitting 5,000 fewer tonnes of CO2 per year and 50% less NOx.

This A320neo is the second that Iberia received this year of the three that it expects, and will operate its short- and medium-haul routes.