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September 15 2023Back

Iberia Reinforces Its Focus on Latin America with More Flights to Peru and Venezuela From September

The airline will operate 13 weekly flights with Lima and five frequencies with Caracas

The winter season begins on 28 October, but as early as September Iberia will begin to reinforce its commitment to Latin America, with an increase in frequencies to Peru and Venezuela.

Specifically, the airline will increase its focus on the Latin American market starting next month, as it will offer more weekly frequencies between Madrid and Lima, reaching 13, which means that this destination will have two daily flights every day, except Sunday.

Likewise, Iberia will offer two more flights to the Venezuelan capital, up to five a week.

In the five months of the winter season until 30 March, the airline will increase its offer between Europe and Latin America by 14%, exceeding 300 weekly flights for the first time, which will allow it to reinforce its leadership position on both sides of the Atlantic and will connect customers in Spain and Europe with more than 100 destinations in Latin America.

An Increased Commitment to the Brazilian Market

Another of the steps that Iberia has taken to reinforce its commitment to Latin America is expanding its capacity with Rio de Janeiro, and from November it will have one more flight, up to four frequencies a week.

Thus, Brazil, which together with Ecuador is one of the two countries in Latin America where Iberia offers two destinations, will have 11 weekly frequencies, taking into account the daily flight between Sao Paulo and Madrid, and the four between Rio de Janeiro and the Spanish capital.

In addition to this, Mexico City, with 21 weekly frequencies, is Iberia's destination in Latin America with the greatest capacity, a figure that the company will match with three daily flights in Bogotá throughout the winter season.

Likewise, Argentina will have 14 weekly frequencies, while Chile fully recovers all pre-pandemic capacity, with 10 frequencies. Ecuador will also have 10 weekly frequencies, since Quito will have one daily flight, added to the three weekly frequencies with Guayaquil.

In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic will see an increase during the winter season of up to nine weekly frequencies in January and 10 in February. Puerto Rico will also increase its connectivity with Spain by up to five weekly frequencies, reaching a daily flight at the beginning of 2024. The connection with Havana will have three weekly frequencies.

In Central America, routes with Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama, as well as Uruguay, will be operated by one daily flight.

The airline’s customers will also benefit from the connectivity offered by Level with Latin America, the only airline that directly connects Barcelona with Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.Currently, the route between Barcelona and Santiago is operated with three flights a week, which will increase to five during the months of November and December. For its part, the route that connects Buenos Aires and Barcelona has been operating six frequencies per week since September, one daily during the winter season and up to nine flights per week at peak operating times.

More Connection Options in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Additionally, the winter season will see the launch of the route with Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland (Finland), with two weekly Iberia flights connecting Spain with the home of Santa Claus from 2 December to 10 February.

Also, it is worth highlighting the launch of the route between Spain and Doha (Qatar) to which Latin American customers will have access. Specifically, from 1 December, Iberia will operate a daily flight between Madrid and Doha, which will allow excellent connections with more than 100 destinations in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Another novelty is the route between Madrid and Cairo, which, from 30 September, will make it possible to connect with the capital of Egypt three times a week: every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

In total, in Europe, the Iberia Group will increase its frequencies by 5% compared to pre-pandemic figures, and will offer more than 800 flights a week, with significant increases in cities such as Paris, Rome, Milan, Venice, Zurich, and Prague, among other destinations.

Finally, in Spain, the Iberia Group expects to increase its flights by almost 6 percent, with more than 680 flights per week, very close to pre-pandemic levels.