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September 22 2023Back

Iberia and Iberia Express, the Most On-Time Airlines in Europe this Summer

In July and August, both airlines have reached the punctuality podium on the continent.

Iberia and Iberia Express continue their leadership as the most punctual airlines in Europe in July and August, the busiest months of the year.

Furthermore, both airlines have been among the most punctual in the world in August: Iberia was the third most punctual network airline and Iberia Express the second among low-cost airlines, as confirmed by the report from the consulting firm Cirium, which specialises in aviation analysis.

In August, almost 86% of the flights operated by Iberia, out of a total of more than 15,000, arrived at their destination on time. This percentage improves on the results obtained in July, when the airline ranked as the most punctual in Europe and the seventh in the world.

As for Iberia Express, in August it operated nearly 4,000 flights, of which 88.0% took off on time and 88.7% arrived at their destination at the scheduled time. And in July, with a total of 3,726 flights operated and more than 658,000 passengers, the airline achieved a punctuality rate for departures of 87.44% and arrivals of 87.14%.

The data obtained by both airlines is especially relevant if we consider that July and August have been the months of the year in which the most flights have been operated and the most passengers carried, with the additional difficulties posed by the peak season. These results highlight the Iberia Group's commitment to punctuality and consistency, to offer the best experience to its customers.