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Reciclaje Iberia 2019
January 20 2020Back

Iberia committed to recycling!

In 2019 more than 2,250 tonnes of containers from Iberia flights were recycled

Last year Iberia, Gate Gourmet, Ecoembes, Ferrovial Servicios and ESCI-UPF all passed the recycling challenge with flying colours. Thanks to the continued efforts of these companies, the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project - an initiative to sort the waste generated on board Iberia flights so that it can be recycled - has been a resounding success.

In 2019 no less than 2,253 tonnes of waste generated on Iberia flights were sorted for recycling, representing an increase of 42% on the figure recorded at the beginning of the project.

To make this possible, Iberia has introduced selective waste bins on board its planes to separate plastics, tins and cartons (placed in the yellow container) and paper and cardboard (blue container) from all other types of waste. Not only that - since the launch of LIFE Zero Cabin Waste, more than 4,000 Iberia employees have taken part in awareness-raising workshops about the importance of recycling to protect the environment.

The airline has also used Zero Cabin Waste to carry out other initiatives to reduce the waste generated on board. For example, it no longer distributes newspapers to passengers and it has done away with the plastic wrappings for blankets and earphones. All of these measures have led to a 15% reduction in weight on flights while cutting waste by more than 5,000 tonnes in 2019 alone.