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Día cáncer de mama
October 18 2023Back

Iberia and Iberia Express Take Part in the International Day Against Breast Cancer

The inside of its airplanes is filled with pink, with customised headrests to support the cause.

Once again, Iberia and Iberia Express take part in the International Day Against Breast Cancer, which is celebrated tomorrow, and they do so with a range of events, both on their flights and on the ground, with the aim of supporting the prevention and awareness-raising campaigns of the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC).

The colour pink, which has become a recognisable symbol of the fight against breast cancer, will be the star of the day. The seats in several short- and medium-haul Iberia aircraft will have pink headrests, made especially for this event, with the message “The most important trip is your life.”

Likewise, in Business class on long-haul flights between 19 October and 24, and on short- and medium-haul flights on October 19, the iconic Meninas-shaped salt and pepper shakers that are provided with the meal trays will also be pink and will be accompanied by the motto “Together on this journey.”

Solidarity Water Bottles

On the other hand, and as part of the “Drops of Solidarity” programme promoted by Solán de Cabras, the airline will hand out pink bottles of mineral water during the departure of short- and medium-haul flights to remember the importance of research and early detection of this disease.

In addition, for every bottle of water sold in the gastrobar service on these flights, €1 will be donated to the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC).

Customised VIP Rooms

This event not only takes place on board Iberia planes, but also on the ground, specifically in its two VIP lounges in the T4 at Madrid airport, Dalí and Velázquez. Both will be decorated with pink flowers and Iberia customers will be offered pink ribbon-shaped cookies created especially for the occasion by DO&CO, Iberia's catering provider. Additionally, the complimentary bottles available to Iberia customers in the lounges will be pink.

Iberia Express Also Joins the Pink Cause

Once again, Iberia Express will also take part in this campaign. Its first flight on 19 October between Madrid and Tenerife, IB3933, will sport pink headrests, a colour that will also be seen on the screens at the boarding gates and on the uniforms worn by the crew, who will sport a pink ribbon. On this same flight, pink water bottles will be given to the passengers, along with brochures from Solán de Cabras with information about the solidarity campaign “Drops of Solidarity.”

And on the in-flight entertainment system customers will find a permanent section with informative content about this disease.

Additionally, Iberia Express will donate €1 for every bottle of water sold on board all its flights until 2 November. And a solidarity ticket campaign will be active on the website, with €1 donated for each passenger who makes a purchase on 19 October.

Iberia Express' solidarity event is completed with a joint challenge on the website of the Spanish Cancer Association to encourage donations among its customers and followers. The airline will contribute the first €8,500 and, through its social networks, it will encourage people to raise €10,000. Among all those who take part in the challenge, the AECC will raffle a flight offered by Iberia Express for two people. The challenge will remain active for a week and the winner will be announced on 27 October.