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June 29 2021Back

Proud sponsors of the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Iberia Team

Iberia has always had a firm commitment to Spanish talent, publicising it around the world and supporting projects by national talents from all kinds of disciplines.

For the Olympics this summer, we wanted to give greater visibility to some of the sports that have great athletes but don't receive as much media coverage, such as sailing, canoeing and hockey.

The Iberia team

We've therefore created the Iberia Team, consisting of seven Olympians and four Paralympians: Lydia Valentín (weightlifting), Niko Shera (judo), Fátima Gálvez (shooting), Sandra Sánchez (karate), Teresa Portela (canoeing), María López (hockey) and Silvia Más (sailing); and the Paralympians Loida Zabala (weightlifting), Eva Moral (triathlon), and Sarai Gascón and María Delgado (swimming).

The team has our entire support and, in the current situation, fills us with hope and excitement.

In fact, some of these athletes are featured in our latest advert, where we see them training during the lockdown. Lydia is lifting giant water containers and María Delgado is swimming in a plastic kiddie pool.

Some of these unusual items of "sports equipment" will be on display over the next few weeks in the Dalí VIP Lounge at Madrid airport, so customers who use the lounge will be able to see them.

Although this year there won't be any audiences cheering in the stadiums, our athletes will no doubt feel the warmth of the entire country watching them from home.

Come on, Spain!