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International Women
March 08 2019Back

International Women's Day 2019

Today and every day, let's all keep on flying

For all the women who fly around the world, so that they may continue to touch the sky. For all the moments and dreams they share by flying.

For all of those things, Iberia is celebrating International Women's Day with a very special adaptation of our song “Volando” ("Flying"), as a tribute to women everywhere.

We're also celebrating the day in the air: by giving double Avios to everyone who flies with Iberia today, 8 March.*

And not only that. We're maintaining the level of the Iberia Plus card for all women on maternity leave, so that they keep on flying as usual.



*Offer of +100% to earn additional Avios on the flight (does not include the Elite bonus). Valid only for flights scheduled for 8 March 2019 (measured by the local take-off time). Offer valid for flights sold by Iberia and operated by Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum. It is not valid for flights IB5XXX, IB7XXX or IB26xx (LEVEL). The customer will receive 100% Avios on top of the ones earned for the flight taken, based on the booking class and miles flown. The customer's tier will not be taken into account for earning the Avios in this promotion. If you don’t belong to the program, join today and enjoy this offer.

Offers may not be combined with any others related to spending and earning Avios that may be valid for the same period and destination. This promotion does not apply to flights outside of the above date.