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November 18 2022Back

We're celebrating World Children's Day with UNICEF

The goal is for every child to grow up in a better world

20 November - which will be the 33rd anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on Children's Rights - is World Children's Day. It's a very special day on which Iberia and UNICEF España celebrate the reason that has united us for nearly ten years: creating opportunities for all boys, girls and adolescents to grow up in a better world.

What kind of world would you like to grow up in? That's the question UNICEF España asked 20 boys and girls at different schools and participating organisations. The result is a colourful image in which the boys and girls express the world they feel and want: a world that protects nature, that integrates and includes everyone, that has no place for violence and that prioritises kindness and the expression of emotions. The drawing, made in collaboration with illustrator Olga de Dios, reflects the world through children's eyes. An inspiring world where the rights of all boys and girls are respected!

In recent years we have helped UNICEF España to vaccinate more that one million boys and girls and supported the COVID vaccination programme in vulnerable countries. This would not have been possible without the commitment of our customers through their contributions when they buy a ticket on Thank you for helping us build a world in which all boys and girls can grow and prosper.