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Chile invites you be amazed: from the arid desert of the north to the ice fields of the far south. Blue lagoons, indigenous villages and stunning beaches await you. Discover the diversity of this fascinating country!

Turismo de aventura en Chile

Adventure tourism

Chile is a destination that invites you to challenge your limits, explore the unknown and feel the rush of adrenaline, all immersed in untamed natural environments: experience the thrill of admiring this hypnotic landscape after hours of walking. Can you feel the goose bumps? You'll find plenty of trekking trails to choose from in the vast Andes mountains: from hikes in northern Chile, in the middle of the Altiplano at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres, to mountain climbing routes in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Impressive mountains and volcanoes await you to practise skiing or snowboarding and, if you like to live life in the fast lane, be sure to try sandboarding: slide down the endless dunes of Mars Valley in San Pedro de Atacama, down the "Dragon Dune" in the town of Iqueque, or at the Valparaíso and Viña del Mar beaches. Want more? Go canopying and zipline through leafy landscapes.

The immensity of the Pacific Ocean invites you to practise all kinds of water sports, from diving and surfing to kayaking and kitesurfing. And if you're a fan of fishing, don't miss the Patagonian rivers and lakes, one of the finest places in the world to practise fly fishing and catch the famous Chilean trout.

Astroturismo en Chile

The cleanest skies in the southern hemisphere are in Chile

If you're looking for unique experiences, the skies in Chile are a true window onto the universe. With over 300 clear days in a year and barely any light pollution, the skies in regions like La Serena, Elqui Valley, San Pedro de Atacama and Antofagasta are considered to be the cleanest in the entire southern hemisphere, making them perfect for gazing at constellations, planets, shooting stars and all kinds of celestial bodies. Here you'll find agencies that organise transport, observation activities and accommodation, including at some special hotels where you can sleep under the stars.

And if you're a real astronomy enthusiast, be sure to visit the facilities of some of the most powerful scientific observatories in the world: projects such as ALMA, Tololo and Paranal await you to show you the state-of-the-art technology used to explore the universe. Discover astrotourism and take a trip to the stars in Chile!