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Maldives, Cancún and Cali

Over a thousand stunningly beautiful islands

For your summer holidays this year, Iberia offers a destination in a class of its own, somewhere you will not want to miss: the Maldives.

Take advantage of Iberia's new non-stop flights to explore this dream destination, one of the least populated Asian paradises and most unspoilt places in the world that still preserves every part of its natural charm. Just the chance to gaze down at the breathtaking coral atolls as you fly over the Indian Ocean is well worth the trip.

The Maldives offer sun, fine sand, crystal clear waters, palm trees, lush vegetation, an abundance of marine life and magnificent beaches where you can go scuba diving and explore the vibrant sea bed.

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Ljubljana, the destination chose on our social media




Azores, the nine-island paradise

An archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic waiting to be explored, perfect for disconnecting during your summer holidays. Let the natural charms of its waterfalls, geysers and volcanic landscapes cast their spell over you. Relax on the fine sandy beaches and explore picturesque towns like the World Heritage site of Angra do Heroísmo.

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Funchal, the capital of Madeira

Your summer holidays on a mountainous island, ideal for excursions and discovering stunning beauty spots. Be sure to try the local cuisine and wine and soak up the atmosphere of the historic streets that have been beckoning tourists to this destination since time immemorial.

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Faro, the gateway to the Algarve

Your holidays in another pearl of Portugal, steeped in folklore and flavour. Enjoy summer on its magnificent beaches and take a ferry to the nearby islands of Culatra, Tavira and Barreta where you can relax in gorgeous surroundings and savour the local fish.

Italy and Malta



Athens, city of the gods

With thousands of years of history and mythology, the city of the goddess of wisdom, Athena, offers countless other attractions as well as its exceptional past. Enjoy your holidays in this friendly place with its lively open-air cafes, pedestrian streets, parks, gardens and multitude of colourful characters.

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Corfu, the Emerald Isle

Classical, Venetian and British traditions blend on this mountainous island with its legendary beauty. You'll fall in love with the Venetian fortresses as well as the colourful houses and churches that line the cobbled alleys. Nightlife and relaxation on stunning beaches washed by crystal clear turquoise waters await you for your summer holidays this year.

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Kefalonia, the real Ithaca

The largest of the Ionian islands is mountainous and filled with contrasts, home to magnificent beaches and peaceful towns and villages. Be sure to visit the lake and cave of the nymphs. If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday with guaranteed peace and quiet, Kefalonia is the ideal destination.

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Mykonos, the Ibiza of Greece

Beaches, music and parties are synonymous with summer on Mykonos, although the island also offers quieter activities such as visiting the maze-like streets of the capital, Chora, famous for its beautiful whitewashed houses with colourful doors and balconies and its iconic windmills. The ideal destination if you're going on holiday with friends and looking for fun.

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Santorini, the white jewel

One of the best-known islands and probably the most photographed, because every corner is a postcard. Discover its famous blue and white houses, enjoy the spectacular sunsets, and marvel at the cliffs and heart-stopping views of the volcanic crater. And when you get home, show off all the amazing photos you took during your trip.

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Heraklion and the Minotaur

With its mixture of buildings from different civilisations, the capital of Crete is a fascinating and attractive destination. The long beaches, vibrant nightlife, excellent cuisine and fascinating combination of ancient and new promise an unforgettable holiday. And nearby you can visit the palace of Knossos, archaeological sites from the Minoan civilisation and Venetian fortresses.

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