A good view over the city from the Torre Latinoamericana

It is quite hard to believe, but this 182 metre, glass and steel tower has never been damaged despite having had to dance to the rhythm of many an earthquake. A must.

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A good view over the city from the Torre Latinoamericana

Astounding views

Mexico City occupies nearly 1,500 km2 and has nearly nine million souls (21 million, considering the population of all the surrounding urban areas), so however high you may be, the views never cover the "whole" city. Nevertheless, if you go to the 44th floor of the Torre Latinoamericana (http://www.torrelatino.com/), you will enjoy one of the most impressive views of the city. Now dwarfed by Mexico's World Trade Center, it was once the tallest buildings ¡n the world outside the United States of America. This slender, proud, steel and glass clad tower is 182 metres tall (including the antenna) and it was built in 1956. Designed by Mexican architect Augusto Álvarez, it originally hosted the offices of "La Latinoamericana" insurance company, hence its name. The building resisted, without suffering major damage, the strong earthquakes that have shaken the city since then, a fact that somehow resulted in great fame for that insurance company. Currently, many companies have their premises in this tower, but the uppermost floors are reserved for use as a belvedere, open all year round, and for special events and exhibitions.

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