A colourful, incredibly scented flower paradise is waiting for you. It really is worth the visit, so don't miss it!

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Mercado de Las Flores  (Flower Market) Mercado de Jamaica

Flowers galore!

Roses, daffodils, hydrangeas, azaleas or daisies: whatever the flower you are looking for, you'll find it in the great Mercado de Jamaica, one of the most visited spots by the tourists who come attracted by scents and colours. Over 5,000 flowers from around the world, plants, seeds, bouquets, decoration for weddings or funerals... Opened on 23rd of September, 1957, the explosion of colour and aroma also includes fruit, vegetables and traditional Mexican fare that is served in the food area. And, since early 2013, the market has added a new attraction to its list. On its southern façade there is now a huge mural painting, created by the group Germen. This work covers 1,380 m2 and it is the first by this group, formed by 15 artists, most of them graffitti artists, who do what has been called "neomuralismo urbano" (new urban muralism). Here they have represented the market's immensely long history - 500 years ago there was already a commodity exchange in this location, trading mostly flowers and pulses.

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