Thousands of folk art products, live music and the aroma of traditional food coming from the restaurant...

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Mercado de San Jacinto or Bazar del Sábado

Handcrafts once a week.

Its official name is "Bazar del Sábado" (Saturday's Bazaar), although many call it "Mercado de San Jacinto", after the name of the square it is on, and it's a must-see visit for anyone coming to Mexico City. A select group of artisans has been meeting their customers once a week -hence its name- in this square since the 60s. Initially, there were only 15 artisans in the group that started the tradition, but currently they are over 60, among which there are famous artists and craftsmen. In its corridors we can find jewellery, ceramics, lead figurines, regional dolls, antiques, wood crafts, leather goods and unusual products such as natural flower encapsulating, handmade shoes, miniature bicycles and even an exclusive confectioner's shop. The market has also a restaurant, which specialises in quesadillas and where every meal is accompanied by live music, following the best Mexican traditions. In the surrounding area there are many artists and cartoonists selling their creations, in particular colourful traditional scenes, in the place known as the square or Jardín de los Pintores (Artists' Garden). (

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