Do you dare to try an agua fresca? You should!

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The famous juice and fruit from street stalls


Despite strong tequila being one of Mexico's distinguishing features around the world, this country also has a long tradition of alcohol-free beverages: jugos (fruit juices), agua fresca (a sort of herbal tea, among which the most famous is "Jamaica"), horchata (rice beverage), sherbets and shakes. You will find them in bars and restaurants, but mostly in small street stalls where juices are made by request and where you can see and choose the fruit you want. If you like horchata, keep in mind that, unlike the Spanish version, in Mexico it is made with rice, and if you are thinking of having lemonade, note that here it is made with limes, which gives it an acidic aftertaste that is not to everybody's liking. Shakes are known as licuados and are generally made with fruit, yoghurt and honey. If you're not sure about buying juices on the street and you would rather go to a shop, you may go to any of the "La Ciudad de Colima" franchises ( This firm has been around since 1950. There you will find over 20 kinds of juice.

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