Before the Romans came, northwest Iberia belonged to the Celts! And this is one of their settlements.

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Eliviña Bronze Age Settlement

A castro, or ancient fortified settlement typical of northwest Iberia

In the parish of San Vicente of Elviña, very near the city's university campus, the Castro de Elviña is a typical fortified settlement of the pre-Roman, Bronze Age Celtic culture of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, often referred to as the castro culture. This castro, atop Mt. Zapateira, is about four hectares (10 acres), consisting of three concentric walled enclosures, with a sloping entrance flanked by large towers. Treasures unearthed by excavations at the site are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of the San Antón Castle. From July 1 through September 30, you can visit Thursdays at 7 p.m. and weekends and holidays at 12 noon; the rest of the year, only on Sundays at 12 noon.

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