An historical labyrinth with a Medieval air, that holds both secrets of the past, and diverse shops of the present.

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Gothic Quarter

If the walls could talk…

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona holds the origins of the city in its stone alleyways and Medieval buildings. Wandering through the streets, you will stumble upon walls that bore witness to the birth of the roman village that Barcelona once was. Don’t forget to look up, and take care not to get lost in the labyrinth this area has become. Today, buildings from the Middle Ages live harmoniously alongside 20th century buildings, which is why the Gothic Quarter is a prime example of each historic period Barcelona lived through. Visit the Saint Eulalia Cathedral and end up in Saint Jaume Square, home to impressive buildings, such as the Town Hall and the Palau de La Generalitat. From here, Ferran Street will lead you to the Plaza Real. This whole area is filled with shops, but is great for a calm stroll. At the end is the Jewish Quarter. Although it was abolished over six centuries ago, it is still possible to find vestiges of this settlement in squares and buildings. This neighbourhood is located between Catalunya Plaza and Columbus Avenue, with La Rambla on one side, and Laietana Street on the other.

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