With the turbulent French history, you'll find places to look back, such as this fortress.

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Fortress of St. Nicholas

Remains of a mighty citadel.

Behind the Abbey of St. Victor where the port begins, you'll find another relic of the confrontation between the monarchy of Louis XIV and the revolutionary public of Marseille, particularly the antimonarchists of the Fronde. When the king ordered the city retaken, its medieval walls razed, and this citadel of St. Nicholas constructed in 1664 with its cannons pointing inward toward the city, he could not have imagined that this would be the first royal fortress to burn in vengeance - and nearly destroyed - during the French Revolution more than a century later (it was only an order by the National Assembly that prevented the demolition of the fortress). Today the Fortress of St. Nicholas, divided between the upper fort and the lower fort, stands guard over the entrance to the port; back in the day, the premises also included a medieval chapel, but of that nothing remains.

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