Like sweets? You'll go crazy at this heavenly artisanal pastry shop.

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Sylvain Depuichaffray

For those with a sweet tooth!

Diabetics move on, please! But if you have a sweet tooth, the French have of course created an elaborate branch of their cuisine for the sugary side of things. And here in Marseille the discreet pâtisserie Sylvain Depuichaffray, on Rue Grignan on the way to Notre-Dame de la Garde, has become the local go-to spot for baked goods of all kinds, with its artisanal ovens ready to surprise with seasonal fruits and sweet sauces that never would've even occurred to you. Locals come first thing in the morning because they know that the later it gets the less of the good stuff is left. Biscuits with almond soup and nuts, panna cotta with cherries, creamy coconut with passionfruit and strawberries... the classic old favorites and imaginative new creations alike will blow you sweetly away.

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