You feel football in Italy. The fans are more than passionate about their teams, and Napoli is a good example.

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A Napoli Match


All fans and football lovers know very well that Italian supporters have a reputation for being one of the most impassioned football nations in the world. It is commonly known that the city of Naples and its San Paolo stadium is found at the head of these fans. This is why the football matches are real shows, and turn into experiences which the fans of the sport don't forget, although it is true that certain precautions must be taken, according to the match that you are going to see. You must know that the tickets are only sold at specialised places and that they are nominal, which means that they must have the attendee's details, and they are not transferable. Once you have your ticket or tickets, we recommend that you go to the match early, so that you can enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds the stadium, and after that... enjoy the match!

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