This professional painter, and skilful real swordsman was a controversial 17th-century figure. You'll be surprised as you get to know his bitter story.

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Aniello Falcone

An important and controversial figure.

Aniello Falcone is one of the most important figures of the 17th century, which is why he is part of the city's history. He was an interesting painter who made the baroque style fashionable in the city. As a painter, however, he stood out more for his works on battles and wars than his paintings that were destined to triumph among his artist friends. He was fond of arms, and in fact he was a great swordsman who fought in the city's different battles among which stands out the famous Revolt of Masaniello in 1647. But his story has an even more bitter side to it. He formed an armed band named Compagnia della Morte (meaning "Company of Death") with whom he managed to instil panic in the streets of Naples. In fact, he had to leave his city but he returned later only to die there. Part of his works are exhibited in museums all over the world like the Louvre, but you can see a good number of his works in Naples Cathedral.

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