Take note! Going round these areas will make your night fun and enjoyable: Piazza Orientale, Piazza San Domenico and the Chiaia district.

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At Night

Tips for enjoyable nights.

Neapolitan nightlife is presented in a fairly scattered way throughout the city's streets but we will give you some tips for enjoying a pleasant evening in the city. To start off the route, the Piazza Orientale and Piazza San Domenico enjoy a great atmosphere during the first few hours of the night, especially with young people and university students (taking into account that Naples is a usual destination for students from other cities), and especially during summer. All the establishments on these squares are filled with people from 10 pm. The district of Chiaia also presents a great atmosphere and a lot of places where you can mix dinner with the first few drinks. Once you're well into the night, we recommend two nightclubs according to the season: in winter, the Duel is very popular with a great atmosphere, but you can also drop into Voga during the summer. Both clubs close during the small hours of the morning.

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