Gambrinus is the leading cafeteria in Naples and it's visited by artists, politicians, and intellectuals, which makes this a very interesting place!

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Caffè Gambrinus

More than 150 years old!

Chiaia is one of the most commercial and well-known streets in the city, located very near Piazza Plebiscito. You will be able to find it between the monumental Royal Palace, the Basilica de San Francesco di Paola, and the shops and cafés that take up the streets nearby the square. At number 1 on this avenue, you'll find Caffè Gambrinus, which is one of the most important cafeterias in Naples. This establishment is more than 150 years old and a large part of the city's history is told inside this place. In fact, this café is famous as it's visited by artists, as well as politicians and intellectuals. People say that a large part of the decisions which have driven politics in Naples have been made at these tables, and many books have been written here too. Perhaps it's that long tradition what keeps the Gambrinus as a cultural epicentre, and one of the nicest cafés that you will find.

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