The oldest monument in Naples was hoped to impress the people. Nowadays, it makes an impact on all who visit it.

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Castel Capuano

Far from the centre.

This gigantic castle situated in the outskirts of the city, and in the vicinity of Porta Capuana from where it takes its name, shows the importance and the power that the city of Naples had centuries ago. This colossal building was used as a civil court for matters in the city. Inside the building, you can visit the court of appeals and the busts room where numerous civil justice processes are carried out each day. A large part of the exterior was built with the idea of impressing the people and to show strength. The large double-headed eagle and the huge shield protecting it still crown the entrance and bear witness to it. In addition, you should know that this castle is originally Norman, and construction began in the year 1140, which makes it the oldest monument in the city.

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