Its history is as curious as the shape of the building. And on top of this, the views here are truly spectacular.

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Castel dell'Ovo

Megaride and the legend of the magic egg.

On Megaride island, located at one end of the Gulf of Naples stands one of the most impressive buildings that you will find in the city. This is Castel dell'Ovo (or the Egg Castle), and it was erected by emperor Valentinian III during the 5th century. It seems like this curious building has one tower built over another for it to fit on this small surface but its most popular and curious story is the following. Its name comes from an ancient legend according to the classic poet, Virgilio, who hid a magic egg inside the building's foundations. If this egg were to get lost or break, the castle would do the same because the legend has it that the same luck applies to the egg and the building. Now, it's worth taking the chance just to see the views of the whole city from the viewpoint of its tallest tower.

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