Alfonso V of Aragon was fascinated by this castle and he settled down here after his journey from Spain: he lived here for the rest of his days.

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Castel Nuovo

Castello Maschio Angioino.

Also known as Castello Maschio Angioino, this castle keeps the memory of the relationship that existed between the Italian and French monarchies. The building was erected during the 18th century by order of the Anjou Crown, like nearly every monumental part of the city. However, this building served as a residence for Charles I of Anjou when he moved to Naples from the capital. Centuries later, and with the arrival of Alfonso V of Aragon, the city was prepared to welcome him as he deserved, and he commissioned the construction of an enormous triumphal arch at the entrance of the building, which proves that this could be called home from then onwards. This must have taken effect as the king did not set foot in Spain again. The story of this place has it that he never wanted to leave the city, as he was delighted by Neapolitan art and culture.

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