The military history of this castle will fascinate you, as well as the magnificent views it offers from its upper terraced-roof.

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Castel Sant´Elmo

Guarding from Vomero.

From the hilltop of Vomero, one of the city's symbols guards the city of Naples - Castel Sant´Elmo. The construction of this castle began back in 1329 under the order of the King of Naples, Robert I. His mission was to construct a building where the city could be watched and protected from the sieges and invasions by neighbouring civilizations. The place was suitable, in fact, this castle had an endless number of fights, confrontations, and battles. Without going any further, it was taken by the French and Spanish Crowns, and suffered attacks by numerous other surrounding nations. This building became a strategic military enclave, which was very important in the era during which Naples was one of the key kingdoms in Europe. When you go to visit this place, we recommend that you go up to the upper terraced-roof where you can see a magnificent view of the city, as it's one of the privileges of this place.

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