This charming castle also offers several restaurants worth sampling. Dinner time!

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Castell dell´Ovo Restaurant

Highly recommended cuisine.

The Castell dell´Ovo is not only one of the city's most impressive monuments and museums for having been built in such a curious place next to the sea shore, and for keeping one of the city's most mysterious stories inside the building. Legend has it that, according to the poet, Virgilio, he hid a magic egg in some part of the castle to keep it from falling down. Besides this, there are three or four restaurants in its main courtyard which deserve a visit for the location alone. But besides this, their menus are highly recommended. At these restaurants, they prepare great Neapolitan recipes which are more oriented towards the more seafood side of gastronomy, so the fish and other products from the sea are excellent. The views and the setting are naturally one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. Now all you have to do is take your seat, observe the landscape, and enjoy the food. Enjoy your meal!

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