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Chez Moi

More than a nightclub.

The Chez Moi is more than a nightclub, it's an example and the epicentre of nightlife in the city of Naples. Although the city doesn't have the fame and the variety of other large capitals in the world, it does have this club with an international reputation due to its years of success. It's a club located at number 13 on the street of Parco Margherita, and it has various rooms in which an alternative is offered for each time of the day or night, from an exclusive Japanese restaurant on one of its floors, to a designer bar which is open all day. Of course the most well-known part of its interior is the night club, where hundreds of people go at night during every weekend. This is also split into different floors offering different environments, and its select and exclusive atmosphere makes it a top place for a night out in Naples.

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