Tombs, paintings, works of art... This church which is at the head of Neapolitan history is a real gem.

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Church of Santa Chiara

The number one.

The city's most important and characteristic monument stands very close to Gesù Square. Built between 1310 and 1350, this church has witnessed time pass by the city's streets, and it has also resisted wars, earthquakes, floods and pillaging. Nevertheless, the church has managed to safeguard a good piece of Naples's history inside the building. For starters, the mortal remains of the Royal Angevina family are kept in this place (one of the most important families in the city's history and builders of the church). Curiously enough, this church also stores the tombs of part of the Bourbon dynasty from Fernando to Francisco II, as well as numerous works of art from all periods among which a 15th century painting stands out that has surprisingly resisted all this time to be put on display.

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