Students start to storm Plaza Bellini at night: the night is young and this is their starting point.

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Student atmosphere.

There is a place in Naples called Piazza Bellini in the heart of the city. And this place is one of the key places at night, especially for young people and university students. The whole square and its surrounding streets fill up with people during winter and summer. Piazza Bellini is a usual meeting place for students to start off their nights at weekends. All the restaurants, tapas bars, and pubs to have the first drink start filling up with people as night falls. The street itself becomes a swarm of young people of all nationalities, as it's a place of reference for the so-called Erasmus (young people of different nationalities who come to Naples, in order to study one of their university years). This is the perfect place to enjoy Naples until well into the night, especially when the spring starts, and the weather is favourable for sitting out in the terraces on the square.

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