A magnificent façade, blind arches, glass roofs, and sculptural sets. One of those essential architectural works in the city.

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Galeria Humberto I

You will travel back in time.

Since the 16th century and in the district of Santa Brígida, where this gallery is situated, there was already a combination of paved and disorganised streets on which a large part of the city's commercial activity took place. Some time later, the district gained a worse reputation due to its crime and prostitution. However, at the end of the 19th century between 1887 and 1890, this impressive building was built as part of a regenerative policy for the area. From the main entrance, which leads to Vía San Carlo, a magnificent façade stands with blind arches that plays with all symbology of classical architecture. The journey round architectural and sculptural history continues inside the building. To your right, the four sculptures dedicated to the four seasons of the year rest above the blind arches. Under its enormous glass domes, this gallery is an interesting journey through time in the city of Naples.

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