Do you like nativity scenes? This street is packed with small figures for Christmas. It would be a sin not to walk along here.

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Gregorio Armeno

A remarkable boulevard.

There is a different street to the others which is opened in the city centre; a street that will attract your attention due to the colours, the crowd, and the commotion that you'll find here, and this street is known as Gregorio Armeno. This ancient boulevard is historically the street for craftspeople. Along the whole avenue, shops and stalls of all the craftspeople in the area are opened everywhere. As you'll see, they are shops which are moved onto the street, but there is a reason why this street is well-known, and this is due to the figures of nativity scenes. The street of Gregorio Armeno is completely full at Christmas, and during the rest of the year. Residents, tourists, and collectors from everywhere come here so they can add a new piece to their nativity scene. You will find an endless amount of figures here that portray all aspects of the city and Neapolitan society, which is ideal for finding the perfect souvenir.

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