An enormous building in which Saint Januarius' head and blood are hidden. True or false?

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Il Duomo, Naples Cathedral

Well-kept secrets.

The Anjou Crown was the most influential dynasty that was left in the Neapolitan city. Proof of this are the numerous monuments they built which have lasted until our time. But the Duomo of Naples is different. It was inaugurated by Roberto de Anjou in 1314, though it was a project started by his grandfather, Carlos I, in 1285 who died during its construction. This gigantic and monumental building replaced its predecessor which was built by the emperor Constantine, and became the cathedral of the city of Naples after its inauguration. In addition, there is a secret kept in the interior of the building: the secret chapel. This place keeps the statue of the bust of Saint Januarius next to another 51 statuettes made of silver, which make up one the city's historic treasures. The story has it that the saint's head and blood are stored in this place.

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