Shades of white and blue which resemble the sea, and with Vesuvius in the background... what a picture post-card for a souvenir!

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Volcanic and multi-coloured.

The island of Ischia appears like paradise on the horizon, and it's a multi-coloured island near the famous volcano of Vesuvius. This volcanic island is deep in vegetation, and its little village is located at the lowest part next to the port. As a good marine enclave, the white and blue colours dominate, which turn it into a unique photograph for a souvenir. All the routes you can imagine throughout the island, and through its natural terrain are at your disposal, from visiting its volcanic remains, to going through its almost jungle-like forests. But what generates the most interest on the island are its natural hot springs. These beach springs develop thanks to the volcanic origin of Mount Epomeo, which rises nearly 800 metres before your eyes. The beaches that surround the mountain will allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath in this beautiful and natural environment.

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