Despite the problems that its construction entailed, it is an important museum nowadays: you will enjoy Caravaggio and Botticelli, among others.

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Museo di Capodimonte

Do you know its history?

This museum was the summer residence of the King of Naples and Sicily during the Bourbon period back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum was commissioned by Charles III of Spain and the construction of this building endured many problems, as its monumentality and need to demonstrate the strength of the new Crown required some economic funding that the city could not supply. Its construction was therefore stopped on several occasions. When the building work was finished under the reign of Charles VII (Charles III of Spain), its purpose was not only to house the royal family during the summer, it was to protect all the art collections that it could take, and notably the collection of the Farnesio family, which was one of the most important families during the 16th century that possessed some of the most outstanding artistic attributes in the world. Nowadays, this museum keeps works by Caravaggio, Botticelli, Goya, and Ribera, among many others.

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