Piazza Mercato and the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine

Both are among the most emblematic and magical places in the city. Find out why!

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Piazza Mercato and the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine

Two Neapolitan aces.

Despite the square and this market being two of the most emblematic and oldest places in the city, they also keep some of Naples' cruellest stories. The Piazza Mercato dates back to the Roman period since this era was when it started to be used as a market square in the old city. During the Middle Ages however, it turned into the stage for public executions with the aim of terrifying and setting an example for the people. This place next to the surrounding church of Santa Maria del Carmine also suffered the Masaniello bombardments in 1647. A miracle is said to have occurred during this battle, as a shell entered the church and flew directly towards the cross of Christ, but Jesus' strength diverted its trajectory and the shell only damaged his crown of thorns. This has turned it into one of the city's magical places.

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