The cuisine and gastronomy are particularly important in this square: there are plenty of markets and all kinds of restaurants.

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Piazza Municcipio

Vittorio Emanuele III still dominates this square.

This enormous town square is a gigantic rectangle which takes up a large part of the city's tourist and commercial activity. It's located at the end of Via Firenze, and at the place where it joins Via Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, which are two main arteries of Naples. You will recognise it instantly, as you'll see an enormous equestrian statue of Vittorio Emanuele III in the centre. In this square and in its surroundings, you'll find a lot of places where you can taste Neapolitan cuisine. In fact, it's a usual place for food markets and takeaway food (especially for pizza and other similar dishes). A chocolate fair is held near here every November at a place called Galleria del Mare, next to the Stazione Maritima, and where you can try all of the city's traditional sweets.

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