Its preserved ruins and the fact that Sofia Loren was raised here make two good reasons for getting to know Pozzuoli.

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Roman land.

The village in which the famous actress Sofía Loren was raised is located at a few kilometres from Naples, and this isn't the only reason for going to visit this village. Pozzuoli is a Roman enclave that keeps some very well preserved ruins, and very near the centre of the city you can see the Anfiteatro flaviano puteolano (Flavian Amphitheatre) which dates back to the 1st century, and is believed to have been built by the same architects as those who built the Roman Colosseum. This amphitheatre was curiously the third largest in the world (during the Roman era) with a capacity of up to 40,000 spectators. Although this may be surprising, it's important to know that the town of Pozzuoli was almost as important as Naples for the province of Campania, during the imperial period. Its volcanic paths which go along the edge of the mountains, as well as the forests, make it an unavoidable destination for getting to know, and to understand this whole province, and it's the seismic and volcanic activity which has been the defining part of its nature, and therefore, the civilisations that populated Pozzuoli.

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