The first lyric theatre in Europe, and it has survived and suffered a great deal. If you like history, you will like the story behind this theatre.

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Teatro San Carlo

Inaugurated by Charles III.

This theatre is considered as Europe's first lyric theatre, which is why it has been declared as a World Heritage Site. It was inaugurated on 4th November 1737 under the reign of Charles III of Spain, as well as Naples and Sicily. What the monarchy was looking for was a theatre to replace the old Teatro San Bartolomew. In fact, there were many cultural initiatives that this king carried out in this city. In a hurried way, the theatre was constructed in just nine months. Nevertheless, they made way for one of the world's most important theatre stages. First of all, they held the Neapolitan School of Opera Buffa, being the comical side of opera which had a strong impact in the rest of the country. In 1816, the theatre suffered a fire that reduced the building's interior to ashes. However, Ferdinand VI took responsibility for refurbishing the theatre and he adapted it to the new times of his generation.

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