The disturbing history that surrounds the figure of Sansevero turns this chapel into an extremely interesting visit.

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The Cappella Sansevero


Next, we'll tell you one of the most disturbing stories about the city of Naples. On one of the labyrinthine streets in the centre, you can get to as far as the Cappella Sansevero. In this place, you'll find what's called Cristo Velato. Raimondo di Sangro or Sansevero, who was a descendent of one of the most noble and powerful families in the city was known as a sorcerer and necromancer. Even these days, he's a difficult character to name among the people of this place. They say that he invented several formulas in order to soften and harden all kinds of elements, and due to these experiments, he left us a collection of petrified bodies of unimaginable realism, unless you see them with your own eyes. Legend has it that he was able to bring the dead back to life. This possibly isn't the case but you'll think twice when you see these statues. This place has gone down in history as one of the Freemason's sanctuaries.

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