The Church of Santa Maria La Nova and the ARCA Museum

This church and its interior museum will guide you through the religious history of Naples with a fresh and contemporary approach.

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The Church of Santa Maria La Nova and the ARCA Museum

The Anjou Legacy.

The church of Santa Maria La Nova was given this name to distinguish it from the other grand church in the area of the same name. Don't let its name cheat you though, as this building has been standing since 1216. Since a large part of the monumental buildings in the city were constructed under the order of the Anjou Crown, Carlos of Anjou ordered this church to be built over the ruins of that medieval construction. Curiously enough, this historic monument turned into one of the most popular places in Naples for holding events. But it's also home to what's called the ARCA, which is the Museum for Contemporary Religious Art. This museum was conceived in the year 2006 as an alternative to the more traditional museums. The idea of this museum is a trip round religious history but based on works which are more modern, and explain their history from a current perspective. This museum is a different way of getting to know the city's religious history.

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