The Phlegraean Fields

A surprising and interesting place, which inherited the volcanic nature of Naples.

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The Phlegraean Fields

A geological accident.

The Phlegraean Fields are one of those geological accidents which can only be found in Naples. They are located on the city's northwest coast and the volcanic nature of this region has marked a large part of this city's history. It's true and undeniable that great tragedies such as Vesuvius are truly awful, but there is a kinder side to such tragedies, and this is naturally the Phlegraean Fields, for example. In fact, they are not strictly volcanic, as they are a result of hydrothermal phenomenons which occur below this earth. These phenomenons are processes which started more than 12,000 years ago, and under the ground you are stepping on. They caused more than 24 craters with a strong and surrounding activity of gas, which makes it such a surprising place, and this is how the large fumaroles appear that can be seen from the entire park.

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