Neapolitan political activity has been focused on in this historic building of never-ending construction. Visit it and you'll see.

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The Royal Palace

Emblem of the city.

This royal palace in the city is one of Naples's most recognised emblems, but the function what it was built for never materialised. It was 1601 in the city's streets and the Viceroy Fernando Ruiz de Castro expected a visit from King Philip III, which is why this gigantic construction was built which took years, but the visit never took place. Deliberately, this was a never-ending construction that had to wait until the arrival of the 19th century, in order to see its final completion. This place was of course the centre of Neapolitan political activity, especially since it became the monarch's residence in 1734. Although this is not the case nowadays, a visit will show that many of the city's historical parts are kept here, such as the Throne Room. There are usually interesting art exhibitions here too.

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